Michelle Skrobish owner stylist

“I have been styling hair and working with people all of my adult life. Nothing makes me happier than having the opportunity to get to know someone while crafting a shape in their hair that is uniquely right for them.”
Michelle opened vis-à-vis over seven years ago. “I have always loved working around creative people. I draw my energy from this type of environment. “Owning, managing and styling hair is definitely the most creatively challenging situation that I personally have ever experienced. I am not naturally “managing material,” This part of the business has been the most difficult to sustain. Luckily I have a great staff to help me out! As different as we all are from one another  our common goals are the same.

  • Create a warm friendly environment for people choosing vis-à-vis for hair care services.
  • Do the best we can to educate our clients each time they come to the salon.
  • We want you to know how and what to to use in your hair to keep in good shape and how to recreate the shape that you see in the mirror. (That takes practice!)

Favorite Products

Aveda Preps. I have come to love all of the styling preps Aveda carries. Pure Abundance Styling Prep, Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother and Be Curly Prep. These preps “get the hair ready” to be styled the way they are intended. If you are a person who really does not like using product but know you need a little help, these preps are perfect for you! They strengthen the hair strands so that when using heat you have less damage, seal the cuticle so that you have more shine and the last of which I will mention is the ability to keep the frizzies at bay for up to 12 hours with Smooth Infusion Style Prep.

Favorite Styling Tip

Bed head? True bedhead is tough if you are trying to fight it. Try misting a little bit of water into the hair to shape it. When the hair dries apply a little bit of Control Paste in your hands and tousle it into the hair. Shake and spray. You might be surprised at the volume and movement that you get!

Melissa Idarola stylist

“I love it when I finish working on my client and they flash a big smile in the mirror. A smile doesn’t lie. That to me is very rewarding.”

Melissa has been part our team since 2010. Everyday is a good day when she is in the salon. Her charm and quick wit make everyone feel welcome and relaxed as soon as she says hello. Melissa is definitely a people person with great communication skills. You can be sure that after a consultation with her you will start moving in a direction with your haircut or color that you are both on track with.

Melissa has excellent haircutting skills and beautiful highlighting techniques. She will teach you how to work with the right products and tools so that you can recreate the look that she has designed for you.

Favorite Product

Aveda Pure-formance Grooming Clay. It is perfect for creating a matte finish and supports texture in my haircuts. While this product is part of Aveda’s men’s line, it is great for women too!

Favorite Styling Tip

Bang issues? When blow drying bangs, I like to use my fingers to guide the hair back and forth across the forehead before pulling them down into place. This technique helps to control cowlicks and tricky hairelines.


Favorite Products

I have thick,curly, color treated hair. I really like Aveda’s Brillliance Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are perfect for people who have this texture and are lacking shine. A great follow up after your blow out is Aveda’s Emollient Finishing Gloss. It smooths and conditions coarse, wavy curly hair.

Hannah stylist

“I love a color challenge! Having the ability to transform someone’s color and style into a look they love is the best part!”

Hannah has now been at vis-à-vis for 5 years. She loves creating everything from fun up styles and special occasion looks to customizing your color and cut to suit your lifestyle. She takes the time with every client to make sure that there is a mutual understanding through active listening and visuals. “People see color and shapes differently. It is so important to be on the same page as far as a realistic direction to take to get a successful result.” 

Favorite Product

Texture tonic! – This product is great if you need to revamp your Day 2 style and give you plenty of volume at the root.

Styling Tip

Tip you head upside down or tie up in a high bun. Spray Texture Tonic on root area and dry into hair with a blow dryer for a few minutes. Let hair down. For a messy style, mist Texture Tonic and tousle.

Shane Szrom stylist

“Hair is a three dimensional moving object that needs to be sculpted in a way that looks good no matter which way it moves or falls.I love the challenge – no matter the texture or length. Detailing a haircut is key to achieving this goal while also making the look easy to style.” Shane creates one of the best salon experiences you will ever have! Starting with a great consultation, a fabulous shampoo (It is hard to move on after this point!)- and of course a great haircut and blowout.

Favorite product

“Less is more in most cases. Prepping the hair before it dries with Aveda Phomollient helps give the hair support, body and shine for most hair types. A great combination for darker hair that needs medium hold would be to use Aveda’s Confixor Liquid Gel (less is more!) Add a little bit of Aveda Control Paste after styled to help with control and managability without stiffness. For lighter hair I like using a matte finish for texture. Pure- Formance Grooming Clay is my product of choice!”

Styling Tip

“A great way to make a men’s haircut look great up until the next appointment is to come in for a neck and side clean up about half way through the growth cycle. this way it never looks unkempt!” No charge for this service.”